Rhapsodio Infinity Mk2 : Hong-Kong new deal ?



Today, Popof94 invite us to dive into the discovery of new inears coming straight from Hong-Kong, the Rhapsodio Infinity Mk2. This innovative and incredibly looking one seems to have hit his sweet spot ! 


During the summer, for some reason, I decided to get back into the in-ear world after I had stopped being interested in it for quite a while.

Mid september at a Tellement Nomade meeting, I discovered and tried the Rhapsodio Inifinity Mk2.

Rhapsodio is a small Hong-Kong based company specialized in in-ear earphones and cable production. It relies on one guy’s expertise well known from the insiders : Sammy.


Technical Features :


The transducer configuration is quite unusual and so is their implementation.

– Universal or Custom in-ear  with 6 Balanced Armatures -> 1 for high treble, 1 for medium and treble, 2 for bass and 2 that play across the entire spectrum

– Sensitivity (100Hz) – 109 dB/mW

– Impedance (100Hz) – 12.5 Ω

– Connectors and Cable : 2 pins 0,78, 1. 2 m (detachable) copper, 2.5 mm mini-jack plug

– Exclusive and unique technology with double copper C.T.T. coils.

– Homemade internal wiring OCC Copper 6N

– Website : https://www.rhapsodiostore.com/products/rhapsodio-infinity-mk2


image 1-Modifié


Built and Appearance :


The shells are made of semi-transparent resin, revealing the transducers and wiring perfectly arranged. The designer obviously likes to see a job well done and has an eye for detail.

The result is successful and very far from certain pairs where the visible wiring would be better hidden. The body of the in-ear is large, nothing like 64 Audio U12t for example, and you have to look at the Solaris or the first edition Flamenco to have an idea of the size.

The cannula is large in diameter, but with an anatomical placement.

The box is made of wood, classic with a leather case provided for transport.

Last but not least, the copper winding on the inside looks stunning.





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